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DIY GoPro AR.Drone mount kit

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The AR.Drone GoPro support kit is an open hardware project sold at about the cost you would spend creating it by yourself. Now this cheap version, the DIY support kit includes the handcrafted components that you need and all the instructions to hack your AR.Drone to fly with the GoPro mounted on it.
The camera support is created with ultra-light Aluminium structure that can be oriented following the desired azimuth. To check the camera position when mounted on the drone the support exposes the DVI and TV camera out of theGoPro in order to see the signal in an external TV monitor positioning the camera before starting flying.

After several experiments the actual position of the GoPro camera will be one of the best point of view while flying. To compensate the extra-weight camera and reposition the center of gravity to the original AR.Drone CG (i.e. at the center of the motors cross) the drone back side supports a rod of about 20 inches to which a small weight (10 gr.) has been added.

The DIY AR.Drone GoPro mount kit includes:

- Aluminium support with internal foam padding
- Double-sided tape for support fixing
- Allen key for camera mount orientation
- Back counterweight insertion support + fixing glue
- Velcro strips for GoPro camera clamping
- Set of pre-cut ties for dampers
- Drone modification instructions

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