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Stampante 3d economica - Prototipazione 3d

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Caratteristica principale è la possibilità di costruire diversi oggetti in coda come una vera stampante,una volta programmato il robot sfornerà gli oggetti in coda.
Estremamente affidabile vi darà migliaia di ore di stampa senza darvi problemi di manutenzione.

Kit Contents

* The laser cut parts to assemble a Thing-O-Matic CNC machine.
* 3 x NEMA 17 motors
* The hardware to assemble it.
* Belts and pulleys
* Smooth Rods and Drive system components
* Pre-assembled 4th Generation Electronics
* A USB cable to talk to it
* Cat5e and rainbow cables to wire things up
* A standard ATX power supply
* A tools kit with all the hex keys, wrenches, and other bits you need to construct it.
* SD card to buffer your prints
* 1 lb (0.45 kg) of MakerBot ABS Plastic to print with

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