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The Bioloid Robot Kits are designed as a modular, flexible robot platform allowing the construction
of many different robot shapes.
A unique feture of the Robot is its Dynamixel Protocol, a one-wire, daisy-chain digital bus that connects
all servos and devices at a speed of 1 Mbps.
The kit includes 18 servos (Degrees of Freedom) an can be assembled in a variety of ways.

The included AX-12 servos offer high torque (14
and reliability a and are one of today's most popular servos among Robot enthusiasts.

Throughout the years the Bioloid Kit has proven to be one of the most flexible and advanced platforms
being the choice of Beginners, Hobbyists and Research Institutions Worldwide for it's high quality,
flexibility and advanced technology.

Bellow we Highlight the new features that make this Robot one of the most complete
and flexible robot kits and the best Bioloid designed to date.

New Gyro Sensor for Walk Balancing:
The kit comes with a 2 axis Gyro that connects directly to the Dynamixel Bus and offers real time XY information.
This Gyro is used for Dynamic Walk Balancing (Full source code for Dynamic Balancing is written
in Roboplus Task and available for enhancement and modification).

Additional Gyros can also be added to the robot (using the Dynamixel bus) for improved stabilization applications and expert designs.

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