Black Medusa

Categories: Art:Illustrations, Art:Paintings, and Art:Sculptures - Added on October 14, 2012 - # 148981

Art. 1011
Collection: Modern Art

Handmade painting. A new type of Hand painted on top of aluminum, showing medusas in the predominantly black abyss.
Plan of aluminum.
Dimensions 1 floor 100 x 40 cm 3 cm thick, for 3D effect.

Collezione: Arte Moderna

Quadro dipinto a mano. Un nuovo tipo di dipinto a mano su un piano in alluminio, mostra meduse nei toni del rosso in un abisso blu intenso.
Piano di alluminio.
Dimensioni 1 piano 100 x 40 cm 3 cm di spessore per effetto 3D.

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