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The WRAP BOOK are original covers in monochrome or colored cloth (also vintage) for books, notebooks, diaries and agendas. Coming soon for iPad and tablet.

Born from the idea of Marta Colangelo, anthropologist from the Studio Wesen, an association that has been working in the Val Chisone (in the province of Turin, Piedmont, Italy) with local development projects and support the use of women.

The Wrap are made using scraps of fabric and sewn by a group of workers who lost their jobs some time ago. The ladies were employed in a textile factory, in Perosa Argentina (Turin). Being without a job have rolled up their sleeves and have realized, the idea of Marta, something useful and original, first for their children, then for all.

The Wrap are something more than a mere object to protect the books we love: they are a way to express our personality, to decorate our life.

Why people like the WRAP so much?

Because they are ORIGINAL, MADE IN ITALY, eco-friendly, ensuring the privacy of reading, UNIQUE, colorful, customizable, allow you to more easily find a book or an anonymous agenda in the chaos of the bag of every woman, because they are made ​​by women and the fabrics used are special and unique. And you… DO U WRAP?

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