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Fennel seeds - Foeniculi fructus - Semi di finocchio

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Weight: 0.22 Lbs / 100 Grams

Appetite suppressant.
Cattle condiments.
Chronic coughs.
Driving away fleas.
Gentle cleanser and skin toner.
Sleep Aid.
Soothe Indigestion.
Stimulate menstruation.
Cure colic.
Treat abdominal pain with cold hernia.
Treat syndromes of qi stagnation.

The Commission E reported that fennel seed promotes gastrointestinal motility and in higher concentrations acts as an antispasmodic. In experiments, anethole and fenchone have been shown to have a secretolytic action in the respiratory tract. In the frog, aqueous fennel extracts raise the mucociliary activity of the ciliary epithelium.
Dosage:Extract: mix 10 to 20 drops in water. Use warm water and 1 tsp. honey for a soothing drink daily.
Safety and Toxicity:

Laboratory animals given 3000 milligrams of fennel extract per kilogram of weight showed no sign of toxicity.Fennel is included on the Food and Drug Administration's list of herbs generally regarded as safe. But because of its estrogenic effect, pregnant women should avoid medicinal amounts of the herb.Fennel seeds show certain level of mutagenic effects,avoid using large amount orally for long period.
Warning: Don't harvest fennel in the wild; it closely resembles poison hemlock, which can cause death if ingested.

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