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COMFAST® CF-WU720N 200mW 802.11 B/G/N USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter with Ralink 5370 Chipset , 150Mbps.

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COMFAST CF-WU720N is the 150 Mbps fashionable mini wireless USB adapter, it adopts brand new mini outside design, small and exquisite, it won't take much room to use and it is very convenient to take along.

It built in smart antenna, can sharply strengthen the wireless signals receiving ability, wireless stability and signals covering range.

CF-WU720N adopts the newest network transmission technology IEEE802.11N, transmission rate up to 150Mbps. Compare with the traditional 54 Mbps 11G products, it has more wireless bandwidth, making the LAN data transmission higher efficiency, it can reduce the network delay, make the voice and video chat and Video-On-Demand more fluent. At the same time, it can support wireless roaming, guanrantee the wireless connecting.

CF-WU720N also adopts the newest International wireless CCA(Clear Channel Assessment)channel detecting technology, When it detected out that its around has wireless signals disturbing, it can adapt itself to the frequency mode automatically, avoiding other channels disturbing and making the wireless signals more stable. When the disturbing disappear, it can tied up the leisure channel again, promoting the wireless performance.

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