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TecAmp Bonafide

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Twice as good

Two channels make an amp twice as good? With the BONAFIDE you get a two-channel bass amp which assimilates two amplifiers in one chassis. This means you can easily switch between two instruments or play two different sounds using the two channels of the BONAFIDE. Due to the completely separated pre and power amps you can even run different cabinets with each channel.
TecAmp has been working in close cooperation with the exceptional bass player Richard Bona in order to develop this ingenious „two-in-one“-solution. „I fell in love with this amp after playing the first tone“, commented Richard on his first encounter with the BONAFIDE. This amp demonstrates that the versatility and unique sonic quality of
TecAmp products is a quality of itself and not simply a byproduct of a feature intensive amplifier - listen to the BONAFIDE’s breathtaking attack and sonic quality.
With its weight of less than 6 pounds this 700 watts amp fits the neat TecAmp softbag and has become Richard’s permanent travel companion. Our „smart voltage“ circuit lets you plug in BONAFIDE everywhere around the globe.

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