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EBS Classic T90

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100% Tube Amp
Direct Driven Tube XLR-Output
Active/Passive Inputs
4 and 8 Ohms Outputs
Volume, Bass, Treble and Presence Controls
90 W pure Tube Power
Quality Selected and Matched Tubes

The EBS Classic T90 All-Tube bass amp is developed by EBS and experts with more than 20 years experience from building exclusive tube amps for hi-fi and guitar. The result is a hand-built tube amp with special designed transformers and selected and matched tubes.

Classic Tube Sound for Live and Studio
The 90 tube-Watts makes the EBS Classic T90 a perfect amp for the studio, especially since it comes with a direct driven balanced tube output. The amp is also very well suited for use in live situations – and a perfect companion to the matching EBS ClassicLine cabinets.

Carefully Designed
The special designed transformers are overdimensioned and all materials carefully selected to perform at a maximum level - at all times.
The tubes are quality selected and matched with precision, and burnt-in for 24 hours after mounted in the amp to reveal any quality issues in time.

The amp has a separate input for active and passive instruments and a separate output for 4 Ohms and 8 Ohms speaker cabinets. The control panel has a classic style layout with controls for Volume, Bass, Treble and Presence.

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