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Dischi in vinile Heavy Metal e Death Metal usati. Alcuni sono veri pezzi da collezione. (vinili colorati, edizioni limitate etc.) Il prezzo varia dai 3 ai 30 Eur a seconda della rarità e del mercato dell’articolo. La lista completa è disponibile via e-mail, su richiesta ([email protected]).
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ACDC-The razor's edge
Amorphis-The karelian isthmus
Annihilator-Set the world on fire
Anthrax-Persistence of time
Anthrax-Attack of the killer b's
At the gates-The red in the sky is ours
Atheist-Unquestionable presence
C.I.A.-In the red
Cancer-The sins of mankind
Cancer-Death shall rise
Cathedral-Forest of equilibrium
Cathedral-Soul sacrifice
Coverdale - Page-Coverdale - Page
Death SS-Black mass
Death SS-Heavy demons
Defiance-Void terra firma
Evildead-Annihilation of civilization
Fatal-a somber evocation of nihilism
Funebre-Children of the scorn
Gary Moore-Still got the blues
Helloween-Live in the U.K:
Impellitteri-Stand in line
Incantation-Onwarn to golgotha
Iron Maiden-No prayer for the dying
Iron Maiden-Somewhere in time
Iron Maiden-Seventh son of a seventh son
Iron Maiden-Maiden Japan
Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
Jeff Beck-there and back
Joe Satriani-Dreaming #11
Joe Satriani-Not of this earth
Joey Tafolla-infra blue
John Mayall-A hard road
Leprocy-Brutal occupation
Loop-Heaven's end
Loudblast-Sublime dementia
Megadeth-Countdown to extinction
Meliah Rage-Solitary Solitude
Merciless-The treasures within
Paradise Lost-Gothic
Ramleh-A return to slavery
Sepultura-Beneath the remains
Sonic Violence-Jagd
Steve Vai-Passion and warfare
Stevie ray vaughan-Texas flood
Swamp terrorist-Grow -speed - injection
Therion-Of Darkness...
Token entry-the weight of the world
Yngwie Malmsteen-Rising Force
Yngwie Malmsteen-Odyssey

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