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Set of 2 Tuareg SILVER Bangles, Bracelets

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Set of 2 Tuareg Bangles in old Leather decorated pouch.

These bracelets are beautiful decorated and from a pure silver.

The inner diameter is 7 cm x 1.3 cm x 1mm.

Made by the silversmiths in Tamanrasset, (Tuareg Inaden tribe)

The old leather pouch is richly decorated by Tuareg women.
Measures: 13cm x 14 cm with goatleather cord.

Please check allso: http://www.tuareg-jewelry.com for Vintage & Antique Tuareg pieces.

All items are traditionally handmade by Tuareg jewelrymakers or Tuareg women (leatherwork).
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
Part of the sale is for supporting the nomads in South Algeria.
All jewelry/items are carefully wrapped incl. a Tuareg handmade gift.

Check www.Sahara-Art-Venture.nl for info on Tuareg Travels.
Allso on Facebook: TuaregJewelry's webshop & Sahara-Art-Venture
We organise Desert tours and visit nomads, possibilities to travel by 4wheeldrive and camel.

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