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Dj pack 350 Pioneer, composto da 2 cdj350 ed 1 djm350, il tutto contenuto in uno splendido case Pioneer Pro350FLT realizzato su misura per la serie 350. Il tutto è nuovo, ufficiale e con 2 anni di garanzia.
The Pioneer 350 Pack is a complete DJ set in the high grade Pioneer Pro-350FLT aluminium case. The Pioneer 350 Pack consists of two Pioneer CDJ-350 players and the DJ mixer Pioneer DJM-350. The Pioneer CDJ-350 Players of the Pioneer 350 Pack are compatible with various music file formats, such as MP3, WAV and AIFF. These formats can be played by the Pioneer CDJ-350 from regular audio CDs, USB or CD-R-Discs. The BEAT Display feature of the Pioneer CDJ-350 the beat position of the songs as well as the cue point will be displayed. Thus the user of the Pioneer CDJ-350 can acoustically and visually control the beat simplifying rehearsals, scratching, looping and other tricks, due to the improved hand-eye-ear-coordination". The Pioneer DJM-350 DJ-Mixer of the Pioneer 350 Pack additionally offers various Effekte, an integrated 3-band equalizer (Isolator) and grants both high-quality sound and intuituive operation. Also the Pioneer DJM-350 features fader start for the Pioneer CDJ-350 players. Altogether the Pioneer 350 Pack includes the equipment one needs for successful DJing.
New,official with 2 years warranty.
Shipment come from Italy via Express Courier, tracking online available.

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