Collana girocollo " Gli opposti..." in pietra ollare e perle di fiume

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Elegant necklace, genuine white freshwater pearls, handcarved potstone hearts

"Opposites attract" is the saying, but I had not really given it much thought before.

When I saw these beautiful potstone hearts, designed and handcarved by Jean Claude Frasca (Aosta, Italy - that's my dad :-)), I really had to set them off. That is when for the first time I made the conscious decision to combine opposite colors and materials.

Because that is the thing: opposites attract and enhance each others characteristics!

Precisely like partners in a beautiful love relationship!

Total Necklace's Circumference: approx. 41 cm*

Potstone Hearts Size : approx. 3,5 x 3,3 cm (biggest heart) and 3 x 3 cm (smaller hearts)
Genuine Freshwater Pearls: 10 x 11 mm
Silver 925 Magnetic Clasp

* Length can be customised: please just add a note at check out. Please note though that this necklace must lie close to your neck and cannot be worn as a longer necklace.

(approximately $124.38)
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