Collana di ispirazione celtica - Arancione e blu - Archeo-inspired Celtic Orange and Blue Necklace

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Polymer clay reproduction of an orange and blue Celtic Necklace

This sunny blue and orange polymer clay necklace is the handmade reproduction of a stunning glass beads Celtic necklace. The original dates back to the Vth century BC and is currently displayed at the Musée des Antiquités of St-Germain-en-Laye (France).
The polymer clay reproduction shows all the imperfections and signs imprinted on the original by the centuries and the weather, but its beads vibrate with the same life and joy conveyed by the Celtic women jewelry. Moreover, as most of its beads are hollow, this necklace is very light.

Colourful, asymetric, antique-looking, this necklace is a true eyecatcher!

Overall length: 44 cm
Max. length of the beads: 4 cm

This necklace will be made on order, therefore colors and designs may vary slightly from the pictures shown here.

Also, if you wish you could wear an antique-looking jewel, reproduction of your beloved archeological finding, please just drop me a convo and its picture (and, for the best possible reproduction, as many informations you have about it): I'll bee happy to reproduce it for you.

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