Anello "Che bello!" in argento puro, lucido

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Anello, argento puro (PMC), Elementi Swarovski, interamente realizzato a mano

Pure Silver (PMC) Ring, Swarovski Elements, entirely handmade

I could have called this the "Lightness of Being" ring. To me it symbolizes the lightness of life I so much admire in flowers and plants. They grow beautifully, expressing the best of their genetic possibilities, slowly (but not that slowly, in fact) and quietly. I secretly suspect that what allows them to manifest their highest self is... freedom... Freedom from fears and preconceptions. They don't "think", they ARE. Fully and beautifully.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot about that... the reason this ring is called "How Beautiful" is because this was the first thing my partner in crime said when he saw it :-)

Pure Silver Flower, entirely handmade, Swarovski elements, approx. 1x2 cm
Pure Silver Ring, entirely custom handmade

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