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Fluofeel Collection: stretch cotton lace bracelets

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In this difficult times we all need to be in a better mood, don't you think? These stretch lace bracelets are meant to cheer up everyone with their 5 exciting fluo colors. And that's not all, as these are absolutely and completely MADE IN ITALY products!
The Fluofeel bracelets are suitable for everyone: children, teens, moms and dads, and even the most stylish grandparents!

The soul of each one of us has a joyful and positive side, that is just waiting to be revealed. If it is true that we are made of what we see and feel, these cute and colorful bracelets will help you to reveal your positive side, making always your day in your everyday life.

Need something that could cheer you up? Wear a Fluofeel bracelet, or tie it up wherever you need to see something cute and funny: it will be with you wherever you go, wrapping your wrist, your ankle, or even your hair. They can't do miracles and they don't have the chance to extend your life, but we are just happy to know that they can give some color and happiness to your daily routine, making you smile whenever you watch them!
Your happiness is very important for us: it is our greatest achievement, an incomparable success!

Stretch lace bracelets made of poly cotton (90%) and elastan (10%).

Some tips for the proper use of the product:
We recommend washing at 40°C. Saltwater resistant colors.

Designed, produced and manufactured in Italy.

Minimum order: 2 pieces = € 10.00
Order 3 pieces for € 13.00: it's 13.4% off
Order 4 pieces for € 16.00: it's 20.0% off
Order 6 pieces for € 20.00: it's 33.4% off
Order 8 pieces for € 24.00: it's 40.0% off
Order 12 pieces for € 32.00: it's 46.6% off
After 12 pieces you'll pay € 2.50 for each additional piece
(Prices include VAT and delivery fees)

For more information: www.positivemotions.it ([email protected])

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