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V/A "Shout! CD Biff! Bang! Pow Rds

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page), and belts along into the ear-popping Good Will Come by Phaze, featuring the talents of the wonderful Fay Hallam, pre-Trinity (review of her new album and single to follow folks).

Watch Out by Modus is an infectious number that left me wanting to know more about vocalist Sarah Kennedy, led me to the snappy website http://www.themodus.net, and delayed this review by several days. Sorry. Australia's finest Green Circles give your eardrums a thumping with Kneejerk Reaction; great but could have been brilliant if it was 30 seconds shorter. I love the riffy, Hammond groove of Roundabout's Without Her; it's a real bouncy tune.

Be transported back to the 60s with Givin' Up On You by the Impact Four; it's impossible not to imagine the drummer shaking his hair about as you listen to the Cross Section style chorus and middle eight. Then shoot forward to 1979 with another one from Yeh-Yeh - set off for that rally to the sound of Weekend .

For those that like a Hammond-driven instrumental, you can't beat the awesome Dirty Barbara's Dirty Dreams by The Leicester Squares - Small Faces meets The James Taylor Quartet - a track they could play at Hipshaker and none of the fancy-dress brigade would bat a mascara-laden eyelid.

Just when you think it can't get any better, live circuit favourites 17 Black hit you with Movers and Shakers, which I can tell you sounds brilliant on an iPod when you're riding your scooter.

Take My Time by The Hideaways makes you want to chill, click your fingers, have a shmoke and say "nicccccce", just before you to get picked up by the seat of the pants and hurled through the ride on the waltzers that is I Can't Don't Want To Faster by The Shambles, another iPod special that makes 65mph on a PX200 feel like 120mph. Finally, wind it down to a gentle acoustic end with Grasp's answer to Oasis, Don't Know Why.

All in all, Shout! and Shake! are great showcases for bands you might have forgotten, not heard about yet, seen once live and really liked or always been a fan of, and I can recommend them both.

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