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THE ROOKIES "Anyhow Anywhere.." EP

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Italy's best Sixties Folk-Garage band in the past 15 years have releases one album and two fine EPs on Teen Sound Records. Check'em out! Here's their second 7" EP from 2000, on Teen Sound Records.

Since 1994, the Rookies have been playing pure and genuine garage rock, influenced by great bands from the middle of the sixties, the golden era when the beat garage sound took its first steps.
They started playing hundreds of unknown albums by bands like "Basement Wall", "The Living Daylights", "The Klubs", "The Effects", "Facts Of Life" and many many others, but without a doubt our biggest inspiration came from the Dutch beat bands like the great Wally Tax's "Outsiders", "Q65", "Bumble Bees" and "Golden Earrings". .. During those years The Rookies played lots of gigs across Italy, but there are three that are most memorable: the opening act for the sixties garage legends "The Chocolate Watch Band" at Misty Lane's EXPO 200 Fest , the one supporting "The Fuzztones" and our gig with the legendary Craig Moore's Gonn. .. So far The Rookies have recorded 3 records for the Italian label Teen Sound Records, that included two singles,"Half of wednesday" (1998), "Anyhow Anywhere" (2000), and one full- length "Out of Fashion"(2005) that includes some original material, mixing all the experiences and influences they picked up over these years. It covers a wide range of sounds, going from the British psychedelia to Dutch beat, passing through the Texas garage punk and the "Byrds-like" jingle jangle folk sound. The band also partecipated in many compilations.

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