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"Monaural" LP

We're so damn proud to release the complete anthology of one of most important bands of the early 80's garage-punk revival, New York's own cave teens, THE OUTTA PLACE for the first time on one platter!

The band starded in 1983, recorded two mini-albums for the famous MIDNIGHT RECORDS and broke up in 1984. They shared bills with all the great bands of the first wave of the NYC garage scene, such as the FUZZTONES, the CHEEPSKATES, the TRYFLES and the VIPERS and their live performances were legendary.

This band sounds like Neanderthals banging rocks together. Their raw, savage garage rock'n'roll has been untouched by the sterilization of modern recording techniques, the likes of which hasn't been heard for almost 50 years.

Their wylde,organ driven, totally fuzzed-out teen-punk could be compared to the musical legacy of bands like the SONICS, the WAILERS, the STANDELLS, the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT and all those other 'no-hit wonders' you'll find on the amazing 'Back from the grave' compilations.

Just take a look at the band members and you get an idea what an outstanding impact this band had for the international garage-punk movement.

- Jordan Tarlow (guitar) joined the MORLOCKS and the FUZZTONES
- Chandler (vocals) became the frontman of the notorious RAUNCH HANDS
- Orin Portnoy (bass) played in the OPTIC NERVE, the LONE WOLFES and the AUTOMATIC ERASERS
- Andrea Kusten (drums) was part of the BLACKLIGHT CHAMELEONS, the FREAKS and the FUZZTONES
- Shari Mirojnik (organ) founded the MANEATERS, an 'all-girl' blues band with members of the ULTRA 5 & the TRYFLES

This album includes both of their MIDNIGHT releases and one bonus track which hasn't made it onto vinyl until now! So if you think you're too old for primitive rock'n'roll, read no further, but if you want to 'go for a ride with the swingin' set', BUY THIS RECORD NOW!!!

This release is strictly limited to 700 copies only!!!


Side 1:
Hang Up
Things Are Different Now
Don't Crowd Me
Outta Sight Outta Mind
Louie Louie
Dirty Old Man
We're Outta Place
Batman Theme (Bonus Track)

Side 2:
Out Of Our Tree
They Prefer Blondes
Thought Of A Madman
No Good Woman
Hey Little Girl
Wrong Time

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