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THE FUZZTONES "Idol Chatter" 45

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To tide us over until their new album rises forth, the Fuzztones have released two tracks from it in the form of a vinyl single. As usual, the band is in tip-top condition, playing and singing with the kind of burning passion that's sadly absent from rock and roll these days. The sound of a bewitching organ has always been instrumental in the music of the Fuzztones, so it's no surprise both "Idol Chatter" and "A Wristwatch Band" are helmed by such ear-pleasing notes. The latter song was originally done by an obscure sixties band called the Boss Tweeds , who were obviously smitten with acts like the Doors and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. The Fuzztones remain loyal to the initial version of "A Wristwatch Band," which floats to a spooky tenor and contains some real freaky lyrics you're bound to a lot of fun with. This is a very mesmerizing number and the Fuzztones are the ideal candidates to cover it. Charted of a mighty mean hook and groovy psychedelic trimmings, "Idol Chatter" is just as fantastic, but then again, you certainly wouldn't expect anything less from the Fuzztones. In view of this numbers, you can bet your skull and bones the band's upcoming album will be one heck of a dark-eyed beauty!
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