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"S/T" LP


The ATTENTION! from Vienna, Austria are going to give the bleached out face of classic r'n'b a bright new robe.
Those guys celebrate the mod-aesthetics of the swingin sixties in perfection.
Stylish from head to toe they deliver a frantic mixture of traditional blues, soul, beat and r'n'b to all the smart dancers worldwide and re-create a sound which hasn't been heard since those glory days of bands like the ANIMALS, the YARDBIRDS and the SPENCER DAVIS GROUP.

Did you ever shake your tailfeather to the sound of Rock’n-Roll!? Well, here’s your chance – THE ATTENTION! - five lads, armed with their love for Rhythm&Blues, fuse their infectious beats, catchy riffs and haunting melodies into an explosive, one-of-a-kind mix, that makes you wanna shout and shimmy!....
These five hipsters learned their lessons in bluesy licks, soulful shouts and pumping rhythms frighteningly well. So watch out for the heatwave that is called THE ATTENTION! rolling over your town. Make sure to put on your finest pair of dancing shoes and celebrate!
Just a handful of bands like THE JAYBIRDS, THE WHAT...FOR! and THE MOVING SOUNDS were able to capture the spirit of the distinctive r'n'b sound as precise as THE ATTENTION!



Side 1

1. Ace Face
2. Can't Bring a Good Man Down
3. Shimmynizer
4. Kaisers Dance
5. Blank Love Boogie

Side 2

1. High Time Baby
2. Beat Machine
3. Alina
4. Ramblers Blues
5. Sea Sea Rider

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