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THE ATTACKS "Dirty Sheets" LP

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Danish rockers, Thee Attacks are the latest rock ‘n’ roll sensation to explicitly come out of nowhere. With their album Dirty Sheets recorded this year at Toe Rag Studios London, its debut date is 24th September via seminal Danish label Crunchy Frog. Having their music compared to such acts like Steppenwolf and The Rolling Stones with talent and energy to rival other such styled bands including Hives and Strokes, its no surprise to how they’ve attracted so many fans in such little time. With also their superstar fans, including cycling star Bradley Wiggins who spoke to the band on Danish TV news via a live link just before his Tour De France win and his Olympic gold, i guess it would be more than polite to take a listen.

Dirty Sheets contain 11 tracks, each track more energetic and catchy than the last. With the singers voice and lyrics which could easily be compared to a collide of Mick Jagger (Stones) and Julian Casablancas (Strokes), you easily and instantly understand their sound and style. A modern rock band with such small indie aspects like you would find with The Vaccines where this may just be a guitar tone or small, self-contained riff. Track 1 – Stab is exactly what I mean by this. A quirky intro with catchy lyrics and that classic rock style tones from the guitars. A balance of repeated energy with the intro, verses and chorus with a small breakdown in the song near the end with a build up to come back to the chorus. An excellent executed song, where I have to say, I am very impressed.

Track 4 – So Cold is track which could be compared to possibly Jack White, from the identifiable and catchy guitar riffs. However a band as a whole, this song could be more recognised as something similar to The Raconteurs, which makes sense really. A generally ‘big’ sound from the guitars during the into and several other stages throughout the song but its the chorus and the identifiable bass during the verse combined with the drums which is why I make the comparison. A fairly short song but its all you need really. Short and sweet.

I could easily go on about this next song, how it sounds similar to another band, but I wont. I think you get the idea. The fact that every other song has small characteristics which do remind you of previous greats, either bands or musicians, just makes you believe this band has real talent. Obviously not trying to emulate anyone in particular, if any. However their music is wide-spread. Music which can enjoyed by a large audience instead of a niche market, which is great from my perspective. Track 10 – Where Did All The Love Go is something different to the other tracks, but not too different. It opens again, with that classic rock guitar tone with long-sung lyrics overtop. Lyrics are sung powerfully which blends into the chorus with perfection. The difference I found was the lead guitar having a more solo feel over the chorus and at other stages, something more noticeable when listening, than previous songs. Going from perfectly blended tones to noticeable tone to make it something that little bit more different.

Album favourite would be the final track – Gun In My Hand. Starting fairly loud with heavy riffs and distorted vocals, it becomes enticing as the guitar changes for the build up to the chorus which is amazing to say the least. Although the guitar riffs do not change too much for the chorus the lyrical and vocal change makes it an extremely different part of the song and that much more entertaining. With a beautiful solo included which any rock ‘n’ roll themed band needs in every other song, it makes the song complete. Fairly longer in duration than other songs due to this but this is definitely a positive.

So do we believe the hype? Well I certainly do. Thee Attacks are something new, which I haven’t heard in a while. In the emerge of many club and dustup acts in the charts (UK charts anyway), I don’t think there is a band more deserving of total recognition. With a large tour going through September to December, with key dates in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Iceland to name a few, be sure to check them out.

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