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SHINDIG! Magazine #16

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Shindig! No.16 - May-June 2010 - Out 27 April

Once again, in the Shindigverse there's room for everything (well, nearly). From Northwest-go-big-time garage/pop stars the Raiders to the pastoral jazzy-prog/pop of Canterbury's finest musos Caravan to the DIY powerpop of Shoes, our array of cover stars offer nothing less than a variety of styles to suit all tastes. Add in Irish blues-rock/pop/psych (Granny's Intentions), Jim McCarty ('im from The Yardbirds), the enduring psych odyssey of Gary Ramon and Sun Dial, '60s teen greats The Lemon Drops, tons on exciting new acts including Dead Meadow and Old Californio, lots of wonderful reviews and some stunning photos and you have to admit Shindig! is certainly no one-trick pony.

These guys may be viewed by the rest of the world as another great garage band, but in the States they were one of '60s pop's biggest teeny-bopper sensations. On the eve of a 3-CD set containing all of their Columbia single sides BILL KOPP speaks to MARK LINDSAY, PHIL “FANG” VOLK and JIM VALLEY about both the fun and seriousness of being a Raider.

Along with The Soft Machine, CARAVAN were accidentally responsible for the much-feted "Canterbury Sound". To mark the release of a 4-CD retrospective of their groundbreaking early years, MARCO ROSSI talks to founder members RICHARD SINCLAIR and RICHARD COUGHLAN
about their legacy and music.

Powerpop didn't die in the mid-70s. As soon as successful first wave acts like The Raspberries and Badfinger were winding down, the chiming guitars and vocal harmonies of
the mid-60s enjoyed a less heralded renaissance via a multitude of bands untouched by the initial throes of punk. BRIAN GREENE speaks with JEFF MURPHY of seminal Chicago DIY pop heroes SHOES.

Adored by even the most ardent psych purists SUN DIAL's 1990 debut Other Way Out was one of those records that impressed all that heard it – and will continue to do so thanks to the new expanded re-issue coming out this month. Yet Sun Dial have endured for the past 20 years laying down a template for loud guitars/new music, and almost getting famous along the way. JOHN REED speaks with GARY RAMON and RUSSEL BARRETT about Black Sabbath, garage-punk, shoegazing and sticking at it.

For Illinois' most notorious nearly-men, the path to fame, notoriety and success was one paved with enough ill-fated accidentals to derail the ambitions of lesser players. TOM SANDFORD takes us on a journey into the candy acid meltdown of THE LEMON DROPS; through death, disbandment and missing drums, to psychedelic hits of every kind, if ever there was a group who should have made it, they were it. Garage Gods forgotten!

Yardbirds and Renaissance man JIM McCARTY remembers the good times with LENNY HELSING! “SO who was best? Clapton, Beck or Page?”

MARCO ROSSI talks with legendary director TONY PALMER about working with Ringo, Moony and shooting a maelstrom of controversy in one take for the debauched 1971 Zappa fest 200 Motels.

RICHARD S JONES talks with psych lord JASON SIMON about DEAD MEADOW's new album Three Kings, and introduces California's aptly titled golden sons OLD CALIFORNIO. RICK MENCK bids farewell to ALEX CHILTON whilst MIKE FORNATALE waves goodbye to LEE FREEMAN of STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCKS. Festival news. Vivian Stanshall's STINKFOOT opera returns. Shindig! beer! Screaming Apple Records. Psychedelic Poster film. BRIAN GREENE tracks down forgotten soul/folk troubadour and man-of-the-people LOU BOND.

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