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Roky Erickson "Mad Dog" CD

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Mad Dog is another fine example of what that unfortunate madman/genius, Roky Erickson, was capable of doing in his more lucid moments when surrounded by the right people. There are far too many bootlegs of Roky's music. These are usually very poor recordings of very poor performances. When you buy these bootlegs you get a very inferior product and Roky get's no royalties, only the greedmongers at the bootleg company benefit. Don't buy them. To the best of my knowledge this is a legitimate release. This has excellent sound production and supporting musicians. Most of songs are alternate takes on his more well-known standards. If anything they rock more than the original songs. Do yourself a favor and buy this c.d. He released another album/cd on the Swordfish label: Love to See you Bleed. This is very hard to find ..

1 Cold Night For Alligators
2 Bermuda
3 The Interpreter
4 Alien I Creator
5 Don't Shake Me Lucifer
6 The Wind And More
7 White Faces
8 Burn The Flames
9 Mad Dog
10 I'm A Demon
11 The Beast
12 Bo Diddley's A Headhunter

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