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MASTICA "Restyling" 12" EP

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Of the best Psych-Prog-hard bands of the past decade. Get the last copies around of their 12" EP "Restyling", their best record to date. Limited edition and these are THEE very LAST ones. TRACKLIST: "Sotto cieli lontani", "S(e)ventrando", "Lettera aperta a "Il ragno", "Uccido il blues". They are one of the best psychedelic Italian bands, pure late sixties sound, between the last fires of the late beat era and the strongly psychedelic hard blues rise.They're young, with a spectacular look, impeccable during the live shows. Their songs are direct and incisive. Theyre the original witnesses of a musical era called underground during the late Italian sixties. Their sound is born from an original vintage equipment. The lyrics are in Italian. The singers prodigious voice and the very high technical level are enriched by the Hammond organ recent entry, Apollo Negri (from Link Quartet, Wicked Minds) with his unbelievable sound impact, by the new guitar player Andrea Garbo (former Slowtime Mondays) with his great distortions and sound effects. Mastica were well known in the mod-sixties European scene of the early 2000s thanks to several live shows in important festivals (Euro Ye Ye, A Hazy Shade of Winter, Le Beat Bespokè, Go Lleida, Magic Festival, Beat Epoque etc.). Mastica became a cult band even outside the sixties scene.

Already gaining quite an attention among late’60s/early’70s acid rock fans, this Italian bunch doesn’t actually offer too much of a “restyling” of what they’ve been doing most of the time, which doesn’t happen to be a bad thing at all.
Since there’s not too many of them on the global scene paying such an attention to details, starting from the songs themselves, through the actual arrangement, to the vintage equipment itself, making their sound pretty hard to separate from the originals of the above mentioned time span.
I don’t know if it’s been done intentionally or not, but the four tracks featured herewith, seem kinda divided between the hard’n’heavy “shades” of Deep Purple Hammond organ-isation, with more than an audiable progressive touch to them (Sotto cielli lontani, Sevent ando) while the remaining pair (Lettera aperta a il ragno, Uccidio il blues) leans a bit more towards an even more proggy sound, and more melodic at the same time.
Occasionally being reminiscent of Andromeda and the like, with the closing number opening with a groovy Nicky Hopkins-styled “stoned” piano, suggesting a more good time-ish, into your “faces” rawk-out, before turning into another, just as progressive riff-laden piece of r’n’b, complete with some raving harmonica, leading into an almost post-Syd-Floyd-like ambient vibe, with a hint at The Yardbirds’ Still I’m Sad as well, and all of this happening within the same song!
Obviously, another point making Mastica a bit more exotic than usual, are the Italian lyrics, somehow also managing not to make things even more quirky.

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