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IL GIAGUARO #6 Magazine (2001) + VIP 200 CD

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We are pleased to welcome you to Il Giaguaro a bilingual entertainment quarterly published in Rome, Italy. Il Giaguaro's attractive, full-color layout and high-quality printing provide the perfect setting for in-depth articles (in both English and Italian) that explore every aspect of popular culture. The current, and rapidly growing, popularity of Il Giaguaro is perhaps best explained by our commitment to re-presenting the torrent of creativity at work across all areas of popular culture in the sixties and seventies. It only takes a quick glance at contemporary fashion runways, "new" designs for home furnishings, television programs, electronics and automobiles, or, at current trends in popular music, in films by directors such as
Tarantino and Scorsese, and in advertising campaigns to see the evolutionary ideas born of this period are being put into practice on a widespread basis. In line with this trend, Il Giaguaro keeps its readership up to date on the most fascinating happenings in popular culture, just as it takes them behind the scenes to engage the original sources. In supporting our vision of the present with a select focus on innovative ideas of the past, Il Giaguaro surpasses the merely "retro" to open new cultural viewpoints that are fresh and relevant today. In this regard, we have made the scope of Il Giaguaro various just
as the interests of our readership are various. Articles and interviews may invite readers to the cinema, or, perhaps, a relaxing night at home enjoying the best in television programming. Take, for example, our interview with the king of the Italian Giallo film genre, Dario Argento, an entertaining talk with Roger Corman, or our Cult TV series which was kicked-off by a feature on The Avengers. Just as readily, Il Giaguaro transports readers into diverse realms of fashion, popular art and design. Our Design Series gives readers insight into futuristic, space-age designers such as Joe Colombo, Vernon Panton
and Eero Aarnio whose works and influences are behind the designs of MTV sets as well as the pages of Casa Vogue. And, of course, there's always Il Giaguaro's commitment to popular music: in addition to the impressive list of Italian soundtrack and jazz artists we have interviewed to date, each issue also turns our readers into listeners with a bonus 7" EP of rare or unreleased music from top Italian soundtrack composers (our first was from Ennio orricone) or CD compilation "The Sound of Il Giaguaro". Add to this, our featured comics, photo spreads and reviews of today's best music, film and book releases and the picture emerges of a magazine that offers a refreshingly different and entertaining spin on contemporary culture. Though Il Giaguaro is a modestly-sized publication (3,500 copies of each issue printed presently).

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