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Italy's TOP surf band's second and best album from 2005. Last copies!!!

Record details

Label: Teen Sound (Italy)
Format: CD
Year: 2005
Artwork by Enrico Ragni

Cover details
Track list & previews

1. Beach Grave
2. A Fist Full Of Dollars
3. Hey !
4. Night On The Vesuvius
5. Reverb Gang
6. Egle’s Key
7. Moon Relay
8. L’Inseguimento
9. La Ultima Ola
10. She Devil's Curse
11. King Of Sloths
12. Bandito Supremes
14. Playa Inferno
13. Cut-Back


15. Surfidia
16. Summertime

All tracks written by The Bradipos IV except "A Fist Full Of Dollars" (Ennio Morricone) and "Moon Relay" (The Vistas). Trumpet on "Night On The Vesuvius" by Marino Sorrentino, percussion on "Playa Inferno" and "Night On The Vesuvius" by Mimmo Leone.

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