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We're an Italian Company producing a brand new -and really tiny - cellphone charger, able to harness the energy directly from your bicycle: we called it "LightCharge".

It doesn't work much differently from any other charger able to provide energy to mobile phones and smartphones; the novelty consists in how we made it easy not to connect the device just to energy power lines or USB ports but ... to almost any type of bicycle dynamo!

"LightCharge" is totally designed and manufactured in Italy (real 100% "Made in Italy"), technically advanced and really "Environment friendly".

It's very easy to use and will surely attract a strong interest among Cyclists!
What's more, "Lightcharge" works with the vast majority of phones and smartphones (including iPhone 4 and 4S), thanks to the USB DCP encoded System (recognized as an European standard).

With "LightCharge", Cyclists won't anymore find themselves with an empty (and un-rechargeable) battery, "hopelessly" stuck in the City traffic or "in the middle of nowhere", in the Countryside!

Recharging the battery of your phone/smartphone with your bybicle dynamo is now possible ... thanks to "LightCharge"!

Lightcharge is a charger conceived for cell phones and smartphones, easily connectable to all dynamo for bicycles and compatible with many cell phones and smartphones (i.e. IPhone 4S) thanks to the USB output with DCP encoder (European standard).

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