Chiyogami Multicolour Pendant / collana

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Add a touch of Orient to your days!!!
This is shimmering pendant made with a round piece of chiyogami paper
insert in a shiny silver pendant with glass and glaze which give it a beautiful finished look.
Elegant, inspiring and simple!

Chiyogami paper is decorated with a multicolor design and gold details.
The glass on the pendant is 1 inch (2,50 cm) in diameter.
The photos are taken with different lights ( natural and artificial) so that you can see the different effect of the glass.

< Ready for gifting, your purchase will be send in a white box with Kimono Design's logo.

- The pendant is completely handcrafted by myself.
- Do NOT GET WET! Do not submerge it in water, this will damage the delicate image inside. Also guard them against falls or knocks to protect the glass covering.

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