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Scultura in metallo - METAL WALL SCULPTURE/original abstract art/ decor

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(H63cm x W30cm xD1cm each panel)
1" space leaved between each panels when hung


This is an original handmade artwork that While both are made by polishing and grinding aluminum, there are two types of artwork, one keeping the aluminum’s original color and one with added color. The metal wall sculpture displays unique rich hues and fine textured details, different from any other artwork. The artwork will look even more magnificent after a light source is cast upon it. The sculpture’s color and shape will change accordingly.

This modern metal artwork would make a great addition to your artwork collection and can be placed in your home or office and may even be a very and thoughtful gift. This is a great opportunity to purchase a popular and original artwork directly from the artist and avoid paying high gallery prices. I guarantee that you will be pleased with this investment.

If you have any questions about your order,please feel free to email without any delay.You know the communication is the important key for business trade.

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