Prohibited and Restricted items

You may not offer for sale or sell the following types of items on your Blomming store:

  • Alcohol (*)
  • Food (**)
  • Ammunition and/or firearms
  • Credit cards
  • Hazardous materials
  • Illegal items (including those that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, financial exploitation of a crime, criminal and/or illegal activities)
  • Items that infringe upon the rights of any third party
  • Narcotics, steroids, drugs
  • Obscene material (***)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Stolen property or contraband items
  • Tobacco products
  • Weapons and knives

In addition, you may not offer for sale or sell any items that are prohibited or restricted by the website on which your items (uploaded on Blomming) appears (for example, for third-party websites where Blomming widget is integrated or your Storefront on Facebook, you must comply with third-party website’s or Facebook’s terms of service and their rules of conduct) Blomming reserves the right to immediately terminate your account without further notice in the event that, in its judgment, you violate these Rules or the Terms of Service.

(*) The sale of alcoholic beverages in Italy is regulated by precise laws. Blomming allows the sale of these products only in limited circumstances. These rules for the sale of alcohol are only valid for items for sale in Italy. Depending on local laws, the sale of alcoholic beverages may not be allowed in other countries.

  • Alcohol may be sold only to buyers over 18
  • Alcohol can be shipped only in Italy and cannot be exported
  • The sale or trade of alcoholic beverages at a professional level is subject for the law (Legislative Decree No 114 of 31.03.1998 and others) to the issue of specific licenses from the relevant authorities. It is therefore responsibility of those who put on sale alcoholic beverages on Blomming to ensure their situation.

On Blomming is allowed to sell the following alcoholic items:
  • Kit for the production of wine or beer
  • Foods containing alcoholic ingredients or alcoholic aromas (for example: chocolates filled with liqueur, rum cakes...), provided that the item complies with our rules on food
  • Hop, hop seeds and other ingredients for making beer or wine
  • Wine which has an alcohol content less than 18 degrees
  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content under 45 degrees

On Blomming It's forbidden to sell the following alcoholic items:
  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content higher than 45 degrees
  • Wine which has an alcohol content exceeding 18 degrees

(**) Listings relating to perishable goods are not permitted unless the item description indicates the measures adopted by the seller to ensure that the goods are delivered to the purchaser in good condition.
These items must:

  • Have a clearly marked expiration date
  • Be delivered to the buyer before they expire
  • Not be altered or changed in any way
  • Be stored safely before you ship them.

When you list these types of items, you’re certifying that all safety conditions have been met.
Those who sell food on Blomming must make sure not to violate the laws applicable to the sale, trade, import or export of food.
In particular, you must abide by national and Community law on sanitation, packaging and labeling, ingredients, nutritional information, place of manufacture, expiry date and forecasts, and prohibitions relating to perishable items.
Finally, it is to remember that the sale or trade of food at a professional level are subject by law to issue specific licenses from the competent authorities and / or written notifications. It is the responsibility of the seller who sells food on Blomming to make sure not to be in violation of any law or regulation in force.

(***) Adult material is intended for users aged 18 and over. The seller is responsible for compliance with any laws or restrictions of their own country and the countries in which shipments are made. Furthermore, Blomming requires:

  • To use a proper language, not vulgar nor offensive
  • That any item on sale is not shown worn or used by a real person or design
  • That explicit nudity is not shown

Blomming reserves the right to remove without previous notice any products that violate these standards or which, in its sole discretion, may offend the sensibilities of others. In addition, Blomming reserves the right to exclude adult products from the results of the internal search engine. The seller will be able to normally sell through its Shop’s link and thanks to Social sharing features, blog or website. Remember that it is the Seller's responsibility to check compliance with the Terms of Service of the websites on which they shared their product listings.