Social Commerce Is For Everybody

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E-commerce made easy as blogging

The simplicity of blogs made publishing affordable for all of us. But the same did not happen for selling things. So we developed an easy, pervasive and personal e-commerce platform for Social Media. Use Blomming to sell wherever you want: on your blog, your company's website, your preferred social network, on mobile. And with our exclusive Social Affiliation you can even get exposure by enabling our community of 'Blommers' to promote your Products on any Social Media.

By 2015, companies will generate 50% of Web sales via their social presence and mobile
Almost every e-commerce merchant is looking to use social sites to drive consumers to their e-commerce storefronts and to take transactions directly on those social sites. Blomming provides a simple, low-cost way for individuals and small or midsize businesses to accomplish this with almost no technical skills or upfront investment. It brings a unique set of social-focused capabilities to merchants looking to sell through these sites.
Cool Vendor in E-Commerce 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA

Other acknowledgments

   Innovative Niche E-commerce Providers to Watch 2012, Gartner, Inc., USA

   Best E-Tailer - Best Pure Online Player, Accenture, Italy, 2012

   Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione 2012, Presidenza della Repubblica, Italy

   Top 25 Startups Southern Europe, TechTour, 2011