Who we are

Blomming has been co-founded by Nicola Junior Vitto and Alberto D'Ottavi. A number of people helped its development, and still preciously does.

The founders team

Nicola Junior VittoNicola Jr. Vitto was working for an italian fashion e-commerce top site when dreamed of a startup for Social E-commerce. So began coding Blomming and chatting around. In the meanwhile, he also obtained a license as a Sommelier. His blog, his Twitter.

Alberto D'Ottavi In his twenties Alberto D'Ottavi left his city to follow his love for computing and write about it. 20 years after he's still sick, but goes back to the seaside as often as he can. He's a bit of a presence on the web. But mostly blogs, or tweets.

Work with us

Andrea SalicettiAndrea Salicetti is a ninja developer and a (not only) Ruby hacker. As Neo, he often tries to enter the Matrix during some nights in Bologna, given the patience of his wife Chiara and help of his two cats Birba and Patatino.

Alessia FabbriAlessia Fabbri tells the fairy tales she discovers from artists, crafters, artisans, designers and many others on LikePicasso. She loves to dig in the fabulous things come out of this community. Fatomousso is her burkinabe name.

Francesca BasileFrancesca Basile recently graduated in Media Design at NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. She has a sprint for scouting new trends and in keeping alive online media - especially Facebook, where she is managing a number of initiatives. During her internship she helps the community to get the best from Blomming.

Francesca CostaldiNeed a break? Have a coffee. Need to work? Have a coffee. Either way, if you need great graphic design, ask Francesca Costaldi. She will find the best visual for you, delivered espresso. And, oh, in the meantime Have A Coffee.

Special thanks to

FigmentaFigmenta is a small group of smart italians working in San Francisco doing web design, creative development and Drupal personalizations. They co-operate with a Java Script rockstar working in South America. Figmenta did the web design for the alpha version of Blomming.

Simona AngelettiLong-term artist, Simona Angeletti also works as communication manager, in her second secret life. With her personal e-commerce, Lo Zoo di Simona, she won the Best Woman in Web 2008 award. Simona made great creativity stuff and developed cool creative initiatives on Facebook.

Valentina LocatelliValentina Locatelli is a graduate in Media Design, at NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, with a touch for style, art, design, and more. Now she's lost somewhere over the ocean between Milan and New York, where she writes for Nuok. She helped with starting LikePicasso.

And many, many thanks for the insightful discussions and valuable help also to Emil Abirascid, Leonardo Camiciotti, Howard Liptzin, Luca Galli, Marco Cedaro, Rocco Curcio, Nunzio Fiore, Dehbora Archiutti, Luca Mearelli, Giandomenico Sica, Paola Bonomo, David Orban, Federico Bo, Daniele Vietri, Christian Fusi, Leonora Giovanazzi, Monica Paparatto, many others that we are surely missing here and the lovely people communicating with us on the Net.